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Smart Energy - ICT for Sustainability

A Research Topic of the Distributed Systems Group

Transitioning the conventional electricity grid to a smart grid with a high degree of renewable energy sources requires substantial research in electricity generation, distribution, and consumption. In particular on the side of the consumers, information and communication technologies (ICT) can play an important role to increase transparency, optimize energy efficiency and leverage sensing and actuaction capabilities for a large variety of energy-related applications. Every day more and more electricity sensors (smart meters) are being deployed in private households, providing a vast amount of data that can be stored, analyzed, and combined with other information sources such as smartphones or Web-enabled devices.

In the eMeter project, a conventional smart electricity meter has been combined with a smartphone in order to visualize electricity consumption to increase energy transparency. Building on these ideas and the infrastructure developed in these projects, we are currently exploring a new set of Smart Meter Services connecting every-day devices, sensors and actuators in the home to achieve the energy savings and efficiency gains needed for the upcoming energy transition.

Our activities in this field performed in close cooperation with the Bits to Energy Lab.

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Participating Researchers

Vlad Coroama, Vincent Becker

Selected Publications

See the Publications of the Distributed Systems Group page for a full listing of our publications.

Related Student Projects

The following table lists corresponding student projects in our group. Note that some descriptions will be in German.

M The Comfstat – Automatically sensing thermal comfort for smart heating Liliana BarriosWilhelm KleimingerFS 16
B A Resilient Activity Collecting System in Residential Homes Patrick StäubleHông-Ân CaoFS 16
B Crowdsourcing Performances in Energy Datasets Labeling Felix RauchensteinHông-Ân CaoFS 16
L Smart Heating System in Residential Areas Michael Spiegel,
Samuel Schmid
Wilhelm KleimingerHS 15
M Opportunistic Sensing for Smart Heating Control Systems Marc HueppinWilhelm KleimingerFS 15
B Web-based Energy Consumption Data Dashboard Zeno KollerChristian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 15
B High-Frequency Sensing and Analysis of the Power Line in Households Tino BurriChristian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 15
M Distributed Consumption Analysis Thomas SelberChristian BeckelHS 13
M NILM-Eval: Disaggregation of Real-World Electricity Consumption Data Romano CicchettiChristian BeckelHS 13
B Visualization Workbench for Energy Consultants based on Electricity Consumption Data Michael SpiegelWilhelm Kleiminger,
Christian Beckel
FS 13
B Open Metering for Commercial Buildings Andreas BrauchliChristian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 13
B Efficient Data Storage & Retrieval of Electricity Consumption Data Steven van DammeChristian BeckelFS 13
B eVisualizer – Visualisation of Household Electricity Consumption Data Christian StuecklbergerWilhelm Kleiminger,
Christian Beckel
FS 13
M Sensor-Assisted Device-Level Electricity Consumption Breakdowns in Private Households Manuel KläyChristian BeckelHS 12
M Automated Energy Consulting for Private Households by Analyzing their Baseload Electricity Consumption Dominique Im OberstegChristian BeckelFS 12
M Opportunistic Sensing for Domestic Smart Energy Systems Nico EigenmannMatthias KovatschFS 12
M Open Metering Daniel PauliWilhelm KleimingerFS 12
L Smart Meters in the Field - A Sensor Framework for a Real World Deployment Sara Kilcher,
Andreas Dröscher
Christian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 12
B Extending the eMeter Framework with CoAP Stefan WilliMatthias KovatschFS 12
M PowerPedia 2.0 - A Collaborative Web Application for Electrical Appliances Joana WeltiMarkus Weiss,
Christian Beckel
HS 11
L Security in the Smart Energy Grid Raphael ThalwilIulia IonHS 11
L Integrating Submeters to Individually Monitor Appliances Manuel KläyMarkus Weiss,
Christian Beckel
HS 11
B The Networked Alarm Clock David IttenMatthias KovatschHS 11
L Embedded Electricity Metering - A restful embedded smart meter gateway David AbdurachmanovMarkus WeissHS 10
M Towards a PowerPedia Adrian MerkleMarkus WeissFS 10
M Smart Energy Detection Adrian HelfensteinMarkus WeissHS 09
S Smart Meter - TV Client Ganesh RamanathanMarkus WeissFS 09
B Personalized Energy Measurements Wolf RödigerMarkus WeissFS 09
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