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EnergieVisible - Our Consumption IS Visible!

A Research Demo of the Distributed Systems Group

Reducing their energy consumption has become an important concern for many people lately. A necessary step to save energy is to raise consumption awareness, that is: to realize how much electricity is consumed by household appliances. In this Web of Things project, we propose a system that uses and extends intelligent power outlets called Ploggs, which contain sensor nodes to wirelessly measure the energy consumption of various devices. We further describe the implementation of a web based API that exposes the energy consumption of appliances through a lightweight RESTful interface. Finally, a Web user interface enables users to monitor and control the consumption of their appliances simply using their favorite web browser.

The Web-oriented architecture we have implemented using the Ploggs is based on four main layers as shown in Figure 2. The first layer is composed of appliances we want to monitor

This project has been developed together with the foundation for sustainability Cudrefin 02 and won the Jade 2008 energy award. The software is available for free here.

More information and up to date news about the prototype can be found on the webofthings blog and one the project home page.

This demo was created in October 2009.

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