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Research in the Distributed Systems Group

The overall research interests of the Distributed Systems Group span the broad fields of models and concepts for distributed computations, ubiquitous computing, Internet of Things, architectures for sensor networks, infrastructure support for smart real-world objects, interaction in smart environments, and privacy and security concepts. We provide a brochure with a summary of our research activities. Also available is a brief answer to the question "What is ubiquitous computing?"

Research Topics

Internet of Things
featuring the WEB OF THINGS
Smart Energy
ICT for a green society
Mobile Interaction
with augmented reality and context awareness
Sensor Networks
tiny, autonomous, cooperating computing devices
UbiComp Implications
security, privacy, and more

Two separate pages describe our research on distributed algorithms (in German) and the former research at the Darmstadt University, Germany. The publications of the group may be found on the publications page and copies of selected presentations are located on the talks page. Also available: A page with our external research cooperations.

ETH ZurichDistributed Systems Group
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