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Ubiquitous Computing Seminar FS2014

Topic: Smart Environments

Friedemann Mattern, Otmar Hilliges

Time and Place

Tuesdays, 11:15 - 13:00, Room CAB G 52

All seminar topics have been assigned. Students who are interested in the seminar but have no topic assigned can still participate but cannot gain credit points for the course.


The goal of the seminar is not only to familiarize students with exciting new research topics, but also to teach basic scientific writing and oral presentation skills


The seminar consists of talks given by students on selected topics and discussions led by the instructors. A tentative schedule is provided below. A maximum of 12 students will be admitted to the seminar. Priority will be given to Master students who have sufficient background knowledge in the topic but the seminar is generally open to Bachelor and Doctoral students as well.

Seminar attendees select a specific topic within the broader context of current research and prepare an oral presentation. As a starting point, the students are assigned 3-4 important papers in their topic but they have to collect complementary materials and compile them together. Oral presentations must be planned for 45 minutes. Each presentation will be followed by a technical discussion as well as a short feedback session on the quality/style of the presentation. Each student also has to write a short essay on the selected topic. Essays must be composed using a given template and must be of length 5-8 pages (including figures, tables, and references). The essay is due in 3 weeks after the presentation. The quality of this essay will be evaluated and considered for the final grade.

It is not sufficient to present the selected papers only, the students should do independent literature research and in their presentations and essays they should summarize the whole topic.

Each student will have a tutor (typically a research assistant of the Distributed Systems Group or the Advanced Interactive Technologies Group) assigned with whom they can discuss their papers in detail and receive preliminary feedback on their presentation and their essay.

The seminar will be held in English. Presentations and reports must be in English. Attendees are required to participate in all sessions.


Please use the following templates for your presentation and for your report.


The final grade is based on:
  • the quality of the presentation;
  • the quality of the essay;
  • participation in discussions and feedback sessions after each presentation.
Students who succesfully complete the seminar will be awarded 2 credit points (ECTS).


For further information please contact Hossein Shafagh or Gabor Soros.


# Date Topic Speaker(s) Materials Supervisor
  I.   22.01.2014 Administratives  Friedemann Mattern 
 Otmar Hilliges 

  II.   18.02.2014 Introduction to the seminar:
How to give a talk
 Friedemann Mattern 
 Otmar Hilliges  

  1.   25.02.2014 Smart heating: energy savings through occupancy sensing and prediction
 Marc Hüppin    slides  
  Wilhelm Kleiminger  
  2.   04.03.2014 Office of the future: smart workspaces
 Carlo Beltrame    slides  
  Karthik Sheshadri  
  3.   11.03.2014 The use of wireless signals for sensing, interaction and power transfer
 Roland Meyer    slides  
  Anwar Hithnawi  
  4.   18.03.2014 Smart environments without cameras: electrical field sensing for human-computer interaction
 Marcel Geppert    slides  
  Karthik Sheshadri  
  5.   25.03.2014 Smart glasses: technology and applications
 Hermann Schweizer    slides  
  Gabor Soros  
  6.   01.04.2014 Smart glasses: interaction, privacy and social implications
 Marica Bertarini    slides  
  Christian Beckel  
  7.   08.04.2014 Vision-based systems for autonomous driving and mobile robots navigation
 Lukas Häfliger    slides  
  Marian George  
  8.   15.04.2014 Domestic robots: a case study on security in ubiquitous computing
 Thomas Knell    slides  
  Hossein Shafagh  
  22.04.2014 EASTER HOLIDAYS      
  9.   29.04.2014 Communication technologies for smart objects
 Dominik Kovacs    slides  
  Matthias Kovatsch  
  10.   06.05.2014 Smart energy: electricity usage and demand side management in households
 Ganesh Ramanathan    slides  
  Hong-An Cao  
  11.   13.05.2014 Speech recognition in systems for human-computer interaction  Niklas Hofmann    slides  
  Leyna Sadamori 
  12.   20.05.2014 Context-awareness and context modeling  Sandro Lombardi    slides  
  Simon Mayer 
  13a.   27.05.2014 Gesture recognition: Hand pose estimation  Adrian Spurr    slides  
  Karthik Sheshadri  
  13b.   27.05.2014 Closing session with discussion  Friedemann Mattern 
 Otmar Hilliges 

Reading list

A list of important research papers and links for each topic will be provided here soon. The papers are accessible from the ETH network for free.

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