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Smart-Its (2001-2003)

A Research Project in Cooperation with the Distributed Systems Group

The project's goal is to develop unobtrusive, deeply interconnected smart devices - called Smart-Its - that can be attached to everyday items in order to support new functionality, novel interaction patterns and intelligent collaborative behavior. The long-term vision is that devices such as Smart-Its will be as cheap, as unobtrusive and as generic as state-of-the-art smart labels (i.e., radio tags), but in addition they will also be able to communicate with peers, and they will be customizable in their behavior. In order to facilitate a meaningful integration in their environment, Smart-Its are equipped with a broad range of different sensors providing context information. This context information is distributed among collections of Smart-Its and thus permits collaborative evaluation of collected data. Smart-Its will possess perceptive computing capabilities.

Please refer to the main project page for an in-depth project description.

This project ended in December 2003.

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Related Student Projects

The following table lists corresponding student projects in our group. Note that some descriptions will be in German.

S Implementierung eines verteilten Tuplespace für Smart-Its unbekanntFrank SiegemundSS 03
S Mobilfunktelefone und iPAQs als Gateway in die Smart-Its Infrastruktur Marcel BöschFrank SiegemundSS 03
S BTnode Dial-In-Kommunikation Daniel KaeppeliOliver KastenWS 02/03
D Implementierung des Bluetooth Protokoll Stacks für Smart-Its Urs BaerOliver KastenSS 02
S API Definition und Implementierung auf dem Smart-Its Prototyp Urs HardeggerOliver KastenSS 01
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