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Seminar: Advanced Topics in Cyber-physical Systems

Professor John A. Stankovic

Where and when:

17:15 – 19:00
17:15 – 19:00
Monday, September 5, 2011
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Please note that lectures may occasionally take place once (instead of twice) a week. Check this website regularly for updates.


As computers and communication bandwidth become ever-faster and ever-cheaper, computing and communication capabilities will be embedded in all types of objects and structures in the physical environment. Applications with enormous societal impact and economic benefit will be created by harnessing these capabilities in time and across space. We refer to systems that bridge the cyber-world of computing and communications with the physical world as cyber-physical systems (CPS). This seminar covers important papers from the research literature on CPS. Two application domains are emphasized: home health care, and saving energy in residential and commercial buildings. Several key cross-cutting principles, independent of the application domain, are also covered, including run time validation, anomaly detection, and the role of control theory.


CPS is application driven. One objective is to learn the current state of art in two CPS application domains. CPS is multi-disciplinary with the need for new underlying principles. Another objective is to learn details regarding several necessary principles required for future CPS. A third objective is improving critical reading, presentation, and research skills.


Graduate standing and a course in computer networking. Knowledge of sensors and wireless communications is also helpful, but not required.

Performance assessment:

Performance is assessed based on one or more oral presentations and paper written summaries. Students' attendance to most seminar sessions as well as active participation in the discussions is expected and will be considered for the final grading.

Credit points:

Students that will attend the seminar and pass the performance assessment will be awarded with 2 credit points (ECTS).

Learning Materials:

Lecture Date PDF
1 07.09.2011 cps-hs2011-1-class.pdf
2 14.09.2011 cps-hs2011-2-star-aware.pdf

A list of possible reading assigments is provided below.


All lectures and presentations will be in English.


Should you have further questions please contact Silvia Santini.

Reading list

1. Introduction - What are Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)? 2. Applications 3. Technology Topics Optional Background Information
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