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Research activities before 1999 (at Darmstadt University of Technology)

  • Distributed Algorithms

    Distributed algorithms are characterized by the fact that several autonomous processes work concurrently on different parts of a common problem. The processes communicate only by messages. Since no process has an up to date view of the global state, this leads to difficult but interesting effects. Read more on distributed algorithms (in German) here.

  • Infrastructures for distributed Systems ("Jini & Friends")

    Jini[TM], the distributed systems technology from Sun Microsystems, enables easy spontaneous communication between several devices and/or services. Our research interests are the investigation of possible application scenarios for Jini and other related architectures.

  • Agents in Distributed Systems

    Mobile agents are autonomous programs that move around in a computer network (typically intranets or parts of the Internet) and perform some service on behalf of a user. In the WASP project, an infrastructure was developed that enables mobile agents to migrate from one Web server to another Web server thereby accessing local data in a controlled way.

  • Parallel and Distributed Simulation of VLSI Circuits

    Based on a prototype of a distributed circuit simulator, we examine general possibilities for speeding up simulations by using parallel event-driven simulation methods. However, accelerations are not easy to achieve and require careful optimization of the basic conservative and optimistic simulation algorithms. Important issues are also the initial partitioning of the model in order to efficiently map submodels to different processors and the granularity of the events. The interaction of these aspects as well as further optimization possibilities by a dynamic load balancing component are considered.

  • Management of Distributed Systems

    Management of distributed systems encompasses the administration of computer networks, distributed systems, and distributed applications. Of particular interest are the functional aspects of management: error management, configuration management, accounting, performance management, and safety management.

  • JavaCard Applications in Telecommunication Scenarios

    The joint project with the Deutsche Telekom investigated the role Java-based smartcards may play in the area of telecommunication applications. The goals of the project were to identify several application fields and scenarios in which the JavaCard can be applied in a useful way, and to implement some of these scenarios in prototypes.

  • WWW-based Applications for Telecommunication Systems

    In a project together with Bosch Telecom the applicability of WWW based management techniques for modern telecommunication systems using CORBA interfaces were investigated. By loading maintenance applets from an integrated WWW server, the telecommunication systems themselves provide adequate maintenance tools to the service staff that can be used via a conventional WWW browser.

  • MOON - Management of Optical Network

    MOON was a project within the ACTS programme of the EC. The main purpose of the project is the development of a framework for the management of optical long-distance traffic networks. The task of the TUD part was the design and the implementation of a language for formal behavior specification in information models. The language is of general applicability and can be processed automatically in order to simplify the generation of simulators and prototypes.

  • CTI Control of a PBX with CORBA and JTAPI

    In the context of a project with Bosch Telecom, a Least Cost Routing component was developed that controls the routing decisions of a telecommunication system using CORBA and the Java Telephony API interface.

The distributed systems research group was also involved in the Information technology Transfer Office (ITO) where further research projects are conducted in cooperation with industrial partners.

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