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The Chatty Environment

A Research Demo of the Distributed Systems Group

The Chatty Environment is a system designed to help visually impaired and blind people to lead a more independent life and better orient themselves in unknown environments by enhancing the world with spoken information. To achieve this goal, the various entities of the Chatty Environment are electronically tagged, thus being detectable by a suitable reading device. A virtual aura emerges around the tagged objects, in which these are electronically detectable by a suitable reading device. The reader communicates with the user's mobile device (e.g., an HP iPAQ), that mediates the interaction between user and smart environment.

This demo was created in September 2003.

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Selected Publications

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Related Student Projects

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S Erweiterung des Welterklärers um einen smarten Blindenstock Michael DullerVlad CoroamaSS 04
S Einbindung von RFID-Tags in eine existierende Welterklärer-Infrastruktur Christoph PluessVlad CoroamaWS 03/04
D Welterklärer für Sehbehinderte Felix RoethenbacherVlad CoroamaWS 03/04
P Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired People (Navigation Layer) Nicolas TissotVlad Coroama,
Jürgen Bohn
SS 03
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