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CASTING - Smart Card Applications and Mobility in a World of Short Distance Communication (2000)

A Research Project in Cooperation with the Distributed Systems Group

The CASTING project is concerned with the application of smart card technology in combination with short distance wireless communication. It focuses on user authentication with smart card equipped personalized mobile devices which contain public-key certificates and corresponding private keys.

The mobile device contains a smart card that stores the user's certificate and the user's private key and executes the necessary operations to convince the remote Web server about the identity of the local user.

The client application that is adapted for user authentication is Netscape, version 4.7x. The Web server used is Apache, extended with the Apache-SSL module. The long distance link between Web server and Netscape is secured with the SSL/TLS protocol. The Web server is configured to ask for user authentication, which is provided by the user's mobile security device. This device is accessible wirelessly via a short distance link that is in turn secured via the SECTUS protocol. Netscape is adapted with a custom security module that implements the PKCS #11 interface.

The CASTING project was part of a cooperation between the Distributed Systems Group at ETH Zurich and Swisscom AG Bern, Corporate Technology. Phase 1 was done by researchers at EPFL and focused on protocols for secure spontaneous connections. Phase 2 was done at ETH Zurich.

This project ended in December 2000.

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