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Workshop on

Infrastructure for Smart Devices - 
How to Make Ubiquity an Actuality

HUC 2k, Bristol
September 27, 2000

Organized by Tim Kindberg (HP Labs), Friedemann Mattern (ETH Zürich), Joachim Posegga (SAP)

Abstracts and Slides

  • Tim Kindberg, Friedemann Mattern, Joachim Posegga
    Proceedings Preface
    Abstract (.html)

  • Friedemann Mattern
    Workshop Introduction: Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Computing
    Slides (.pdf)

  • Fritz Hohl
    Why We Need a Common Platform for Digital Worlds
    Abstract (.pdf) , slides (.pdf)

  • Marc Langheinrich
    The 5th Dimension: Building Blocks for Smart Infrastructures
    Abstract (.pdf, .ps.gz) , slides (.pdf)

  • Johan Plomp, Petteri Alahuhta
    A Platform for Ubiquitous Context-Sensitive Applications
    Abstract (.pdf) , slides (.pdf)

  • Jim Youll, Raffi Krikorian
    Wherehoo Server: An interactive location service for software agents and intelligent systems
    Abstract (.pdf) , slides (.pdf)

  • Simon Schubiger-Banz, Sergio Maffioletti, Beat Hirsbrunner, Amine Tafad-Bouzid
    Providing Service in a Changing Ubiquitous Computing Environment
    Abstract (.pdf) , slides (.pdf)

  • Alexander Leonhardi, Martin Bauer
    The VIT-System: Experiences with Developing a Location-Aware System for the Internet
    Abstract (.pdf) , slides (.pdf)

  • Keith Cheverst, Christos Efstratiou, Nigel Davies, Adrian Friday
    Architectural Ideas for the Support of Adaptive Context-Aware Applications
    Abstract (.pdf) slides (.pdf)

  • Sigrid Steinholt Bygdås, Pål S. Malm, Tore Urnes
    A Simple Architecture for Delivering Context Information to Mobile Users
    Abstract (.pdf) , slides (.pdf)

  • Brad Johanson, Emre Kiciman, Armando Fox
    Moving Data and Interfaces in an Interactive Workspace
    Abstract (.pdf) , slides (.html, .ps, .pdf)

  • Peter Honeyman
    Secure Internet Smartcards
    Abstract (.html)

  • Pekka Nikander
    Combining Trust Management, Jini, IPv6, and Wireless links: A Proposal for a Service Network Architecture for Ad Hoc Environments
    Abstract (.pdf)

  • Greg Brake
    Defining an Infrastructure Around Users
    Abstract (.pdf)

  • Martin Gitsels, Jochen Sauter
    Flexible Service Architectures
    Abstract (.html)

  • Åsa Isabel Hardemo
    Accomplishing Ubiquity is One Thing - Surviving Ubiquity Another
    Abstract (.pdf)

  • Polly Huang
    Wearable Computers Are Coming, Whether You Like It Or Not
    Abstract (.pdf)

  • Anssi Kainulainen
    Distributed user modelling, distributed data storing - distributed responsibility?
    Abstract (.html)

  • Roger Kehr, Andreas Zeidler
    Are "Infrastructures for Smart Devices" Needed?
    Abstract (.pdf)

  • Kaj Mäkelä
    Gathering the pieces of the user
    Abstract (.html)

  • Jörg Roth
    Developing communication-oriented applications for smart devices
    Abstract (.pdf)

  • Steve Shafer, Brian Meyers, Barry Brumitt
    The EasyLiving Viewpoint on Ubiquity
    Abstract (.html)

Panel: Security and Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing Environments

Peter Honeyman, Center for Information Technology Integration, U. of Michigan

Pekka Nikander, Helsinki University of Technology (.txt)

Joachim Posegga, SAP (.pdf)

Frank Stajano, AT&T, Cambridge

Call for Participation
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