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Physical and Mobile Mashups for the Web of Things (M)

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Recently the web experiences a new breath and is evolving from serving and connecting virtual documents together to connecting and serving “things”. Within the Web of Things project we explore the use of web patterns (e.g. REST, RSS, etc.) to integrate sensors, actuators and real world objects with embedded computers to the web.

Following the path of Web 2.0 and mashups applications, the goal of your project would be to create a platform for the idea of physical mashups that is: small, ad-hoc applications that can be easily created by end-users to combine services and properties of devices in the real-world. As they now create Web 2.0 Mashups for web sites we would like to empower people to create applications for real-world objects with the same ease. As an example a home owner could connect heating to a motion sensor so that whenever he goes out of the house the heating is turned down.

In particular tasks could consist of:

  • Understanding existing web mashup platforms as well as the REST architectural principles.
  • Designing (or adapting) a mashup language suitable web of things.
  • Building a physical mashup editor for the web of things (either web-based or on a mobile device such as the iPhone or an Android phone)
  • Building several prototypes to test it using embedded devices such as Sun SPOTS, Ploggs Energy Monitors, etc.
  • Whatever good idea you might bring in


The Energie Visible project (video)

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Student/Bearbeitet von: Rita Azucena Guillen Aguilar
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Dominique Guinard

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