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Student Projects

Bachelor's and Master's Theses

The Distributed Systems Group offers various bachelor's ("B") and master's ("M") theses for students in computer science and electrical engineering.

Interested students may contact the corresponding supervisors for further details. To some extent, variations of the topic are possible. Also, additional theses may exist in the listed fields.

Distributed Systems Laboratory

Master's students who specialize in Distributed Systems need to complete a "lab project" as part of their studies. This page also lists the lab projects ("L") available in the Distributed Systems Group (Prof. Mattern). You may also want to take a look at additional lab projects offered by the Distributed Computing Group or the Systems Group.

Please note that lab projects are always carried out in groups of two or three students. If you are interested in one of the projects offered below, please first find one or two fellow students you want to work with. Once you have formed your group, just get in touch directly with the supervisor listed on this page.

This page lists ongoing and completed projects. Please note that Diploma theses ("D") and semester projects ("S") are no longer offered within the current syllabus of the Department of Computer Science.

Available Projects

M Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Analytics Lukas Burkhalteravailable
B/M/L TimeCrypt: A Scalable Private Time Series Data Store Lukas Burkhalteravailable
B/M/L Making Fully Homomorphic Encryption Accessible Alexander Viandavailable

Assigned Projects

M Transferring Notification Sounds into Arbitrary Complex-Timbre Styles using Deep Neural Networks Andreas RothJing YangHS 20
M Analysis, Design and Implementation of Advanced Optimization Strategies for the Marble FHE Compiler Patrick JattkeAlexander ViandHS 19
M Design & Evaluation of an Accessible High-Level Language for Advanced Cryptography Ulla AeschbacherAlexander ViandHS 19
B Improving the Marble Fully Homomorphic Encryption Framework Mario StöckliAlexander ViandHS 19

Completed Projects

B Optimisation of a mobile cognitive fatigability measurement Fabian MächlerLiliana BarriosFS 21
L Smartphone-based cognitive fatigability measurement Wenjie Wang, Tianyi XiaoLiliana BarriosFS 20
L Audio Style Transfer for Seamless Integration of Notifications into Music Tristan CinquinJing Yang,
Gábor Sörös
FS 20
M Enforcement of Privacy Policies via Encryption for Distributed Unbounded Data Nicolas KüchlerLukas BurkhalterHS 19
M Scalable and Robust Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning Hidde Lycklama a NijeholtLukas BurkhalterHS 19
M Extending the Functionality of TimeCrypt Max SchrimpfLukas BurkhalterHS 19
P Smartphone-based cognitive fatigability measurement Marina DraskovicLiliana BarriosFS 19
M Differentially Private Decentralized Machine Learning Framework Alexandre ConnatAlexander ViandFS 19
M Towards Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning Matthias LeiLukas BurkhalterFS 19
M Fatigue assessment through mobile technologies Pietro OldratiLiliana BarriosFS 19
L Federated Learning with Adversaries Marko Mihajlovic,
Milos Malesevic
Lukas BurkhalterFS 19
L Inside-out Acoustic Head Tracking Using Imaginary Anchor Sources Felix PfreundtnerJing Yang,
Gábor Sörös
FS 19
L Smooth pursuits based on optical flow Chengyang WangMihai Bâce,
Vincent Becker
FS 19
B Visualisation of wearable and smartphone sensor data Lena CsomorLiliana BarriosFS 19
B Mobile application for fatigue assessment Artur GigonLiliana BarriosFS 19
B Visual Contact Based Audio Augmentation Cheuk Yu ChanJing YangFS 19
S Re:Versi - Move Analysis for Reversi Leo Merholz, Pascal SchärliAlexander ViandHS 18
M Dynamic UIs - Building UI elements which are automatically recognized and incorporated in an interaction system Sandro KalbermatterVincent BeckerHS 18
M Ultrasound based Device-Free Gesture Tracking Kim MarbachJing YangHS 18
B Spatial Audio based Motion Reaction on Smartphones Daniel GstoehlJing YangHS 18
M Spatial Audio for Human-Object Interactions Yves FrankJing Yang,
Gábor Sörös
FS 18
M Secure Sharing and Querying of Multidimensional Time-series Data Misels KaporinsHossein Shafagh,
Anwar Hithnawi,
Lukas Burkhalter
FS 18
M Modular and Scalable Encrypted Time Series Data Processing Simon PeyerLukas Burkhalter,
Hossein Shafagh
FS 18
L Enabling fatigue assessment through mobile technologies Pietro OldratiLiliana BarriosFS 18
B Key Management and Distribution for Efficient Key Updates and Sharing of IoT Data Jason FriedmanLukas Burkhalter,
Hossein Shafagh
FS 18
B Development of smartphone-based fatigability measurements for multiple sclerosis patients Sinan DemirciLiliana BarriosFS 18
M User-centric rendering for handheld augmented reality Shiheng WangJing Yang,
Gábor Sörös
HS 17
M Exploring device control in Augmented Reality Felix RauchensteinVincent BeckerHS 17
M Pursuit-based Interaction on Unmodified Devices Alexander KayedMihai Bâce,
Vincent Becker
HS 17
L Reliable Low-Power Environmental Monitoring Infrastructure Thomas FrickLeyna SadamoriHS 17
B Multiple finger identification and strength recognition with Myo EMG Pietro OldratiLiliana Barrios,
Vincent Becker
HS 17
B Eye Contact Detection on Constrained Devices Philipp SchimmelfennigMihai Bâce,
Jing Yang
HS 17
B A Scalable and Reliable Infrastructure for Environmental Monitoring Adrian SeiterleLeyna SadamoriHS 17
B Recognizing Snapping and Clapping using Smartwatch Microphones and Accelerometer Linus FesslerVincent BeckerHS 17
M Privacy-Preserving Search for Encrypted Images on the Cloud: Metadata and Classification Alexander ViandHossein ShafaghFS 17
M Deep learning for real-time gaze estimation on mobile devices Erfan AbdiMihai Bâce,
Vincent Becker
FS 17
M Short Term Load Forecasting Maximilian Wurmvcoroama,
Vincent Becker
FS 17
L Wearable Eye Tracker Calibration Sander StaalMihai BâceFS 17
B Wearable Eye Tracking with Mobile Devices Philippe SchlattnerMihai BâceFS 17
B Gesture Recognition from EMG using the Myo armband Chris MnukVincent BeckerFS 17
L Facial Augmented Reality Andreas HessGábor SörösHS 16
L Gaze Estimation with Convolutional Neural Networks Andrey IhnatovMihai Bâce,
Gábor Sörös
HS 16
L Proximity-based Authentication via Ambient RF Noise Jakob HasseHossein ShafaghHS 16
B Temporal Context in Human Pose Estimation Susanne KellerJie Song,
Gábor Sörös
HS 16
M RESTful Electric Vehicle Charging Martin Bochenek (extern)Matthias KovatschFS 16
M The Web of Things for Automation Controllers Ganesh RamanathanMatthias KovatschFS 16
M Secure Analysis of Encrypted IoT Data Pascal FischliHossein ShafaghFS 16
M The Comfstat – Automatically sensing thermal comfort for smart heating Liliana BarriosWilhelm KleimingerFS 16
L The Copper (Cu) CoAP user-agent for Chrome Arthur Kurath,
Christian Hagedorn
Matthias KovatschFS 16
B Gesture Recognition on Wearable Devices Sander StaalMihai Bâce,
Gábor Sörös
FS 16
B Price Comparison Shopping Assistant (using OCR) Patrick HuwilerMihai BâceFS 16
B A Resilient Activity Collecting System in Residential Homes Patrick StäubleHông-Ân CaoFS 16
B Implementation of a Power Line Communications Modem Using Software-Defined Radio Livio KaiserLeyna SadamoriFS 16
B Visible Light Communication for Smartglasses Pascal JosephyGábor Sörös,
Stefan Schmid
FS 16
B Solfege Sign Recognition with a Wearable Camera Julia GigerGábor SörösFS 16
B Crowdsourcing Performances in Energy Datasets Labeling Felix RauchensteinHông-Ân CaoFS 16
M Hypermedia Controls for the Internet of Things Yassin N. HassanMatthias KovatschHS 15
L Developing IoT Applications on top of Encrypted Data Lukas Burkhalter,
Alexander Viand
Hossein ShafaghHS 15
L Smart Heating System in Residential Areas Michael Spiegel,
Samuel Schmid
Wilhelm KleimingerHS 15
B Bluetooth Indoor Localization - Beacon Placement Strategies Frederic VogelMihai Bâce,
Leyna Sadamori
HS 15
M Exploiting PHY Layer Information to Combat Cross-Technology Interference in Low-power Wireless Networks Su LiAnwar HithnawiFS 15
M Online Gyroscope-Camera Autocalibration for Image Enhancement on Smartphones Luc HumairGábor SörösFS 15
M Exploiting Spatial Diversity to Combat CTI in WSN - A collaborative approach Vaibhav KulkarniAnwar HithnawiFS 15
M Proximity-based Authentication for the Internet of Things Dominic PlanggerHossein Shafagh,
Anwar Hithnawi
FS 15
M Opportunistic Sensing for Smart Heating Control Systems Marc HueppinWilhelm KleimingerFS 15
M A Public-key Cryptography Framework for the Internet of Things Andreas DroescherHossein ShafaghFS 15
L IPv6 over Bluetooth Low Energy Ganesh Ramanathan,
(Arthur Habicht [B])
Matthias KovatschFS 15
L Image Processing on Mobile GPU Carlo BeltrameGábor SörösFS 15
L Scalability Evaluation of IoT Cloud Services Marcin Dziezyc,
(Matthias Kovatsch)
Matthias KovatschFS 15
B Connecting a Bluetooth Low Energy to the Cloud Arthur HabichtMatthias KovatschFS 15
B Web-based Energy Consumption Data Dashboard Zeno KollerChristian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 15
B Encrypted Data Processing for the Internet of Things: User’s Perspective Lukas BurkhalterHossein ShafaghFS 15
B Image Processing on Mobile GPU Marc FischerGábor SörösFS 15
B High-Frequency Sensing and Analysis of the Power Line in Households Tino BurriChristian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 15
B Wearable Shopping Assistant Mauro GueriniGábor SörösFS 15
M Blur Removal from Document Images Stephan SemmlerGábor SörösHS 14
L A Practical Approach to Web Semantics for M2M Communication Yassin Hassan,
(Matthias Kovatsch)
Matthias Kovatsch,
Simon Mayer
HS 14
B Smart Shopping List Assistant Dejan MircicMarian GeorgeHS 14
M Sensing for Semantic User Localization Gábor ZoggMarian GeorgeFS 14
L Fail-Safe Mechanisms for Remote-Controlled Micro Aerial Vehicles (MEVs) Daniel Sim, Djordje MiladinovicLeyna SadamoriFS 14
B/L Visualizing Web Interactions Yassin HassanSimon MayerFS 14
B Multiframe Blur Estimation using Inertial Measurement Sensors Severin MüngerGábor SörösFS 14
B Smart Playing Cards with Smart Glasses Michael FranzGábor SörösFS 14
B Developing a Multi-Level Visual Code David ChettritGábor Sörös,
Leyna Sadamori
FS 14
B Understanding the Impact of Cross Technology Interference on Low-power Wireless Networks Jan WolfAnwar Hithnawi,
Hossein Shafagh
FS 14
B Rapid Object Reconstruction for Product Augmented Reality Sandro LombardiGábor SörösFS 14
M Distributed Consumption Analysis Thomas SelberChristian BeckelHS 13
M NILM-Eval: Disaggregation of Real-World Electricity Consumption Data Romano CicchettiChristian BeckelHS 13
M Semantics for Smart Things: Machine Interaction within Smart Environments Nadine InhelderSimon MayerHS 13
B Trip Optimization Recommendations for Drivers Adrian WickiSimon MayerHS 13
B Context-aware real-time Interaction with Cars Simon JutzSimon Mayer,
Leyna Sadamori
HS 13
B Context-aware real-time Interaction with Cars Thomas MeierLeyna Sadamori,
Simon Mayer
HS 13
B A Biking Assistant on a Wearable Computer Andy ZimmermannGábor SörösHS 13
B Device Recognition for WoT Interaction Sezer GülerSimon MayerHS 13
M Scalability for IoT Cloud Services Martin LanterMatthias KovatschFS 13
B Enriching IoT Cloud Platforms with CoAP Adrian KündigMatthias KovatschFS 13
B Visualization Workbench for Energy Consultants based on Electricity Consumption Data Michael SpiegelWilhelm Kleiminger,
Christian Beckel
FS 13
B Optical Character Recognition with a Head-Mounted Camera Thomas KnellGábor SörösFS 13
B A Magic Lens for Visualizing Device Interactions Markus SchalchSimon Mayer,
Gábor Sörös,
Marian George
FS 13
B Open Metering for Commercial Buildings Andreas BrauchliChristian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 13
B Motion Blur Compensation using Inertial Measurement Sensors Carlo BeltrameGábor SörösFS 13
B Efficient Data Storage & Retrieval of Electricity Consumption Data Steven van DammeChristian BeckelFS 13
B eVisualizer – Visualisation of Household Electricity Consumption Data Christian StuecklbergerWilhelm Kleiminger,
Christian Beckel
FS 13
M Ubiquitous Context-aware Device Control Gianin BaslerSimon MayerHS 12
M Extracting Structured Data from Web Pages Dominik BlunschyChristof RodunerHS 12
M Sensor-Assisted Device-Level Electricity Consumption Breakdowns in Private Households Manuel KläyChristian BeckelHS 12
B Smart Device Association from Shared Audio Context Michael OchSimon MayerHS 12
M Optical Character Recognition on Mobile Phones (in cooperation with MIT) Ekansh AnandChristian Floerkemeier,
Gábor Sörös
FS 12
M Automated Energy Consulting for Private Households by Analyzing their Baseload Electricity Consumption Dominique Im OberstegChristian BeckelFS 12
M Opportunistic Sensing for Domestic Smart Energy Systems Nico EigenmannMatthias KovatschFS 12
M Open Metering Daniel PauliWilhelm KleimingerFS 12
M A Smart City Infrastructure Francesco CorazzaMatthias KovatschFS 12
M Securing the Constrained Application Protocol Stefan JuckerMatthias KovatschFS 12
L Uncovering Device Whispers Bram Scheidegger,
Claude Barthels
Simon Mayer,
Christian Beckel,
Gábor Sörös
FS 12
L Smart Meters in the Field - A Sensor Framework for a Real World Deployment Sara Kilcher,
Andreas Dröscher
Christian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 12
L Automatic Topology Estimation in Wireless Lamp Networks Moritz Hoffmann,
Claudio Gargiulo
Gábor SörösFS 12
B Developing a browser plugin to encrypt data shared in the cloud Severin WischmannIulia IonFS 12
B Creating Briefings from Heterogeneous Sources (II) Marco PolteraSimon MayerFS 12
B Extending the eMeter Framework with CoAP Stefan WilliMatthias KovatschFS 12
B Verifying Cloud Encryption Credentials through Mobile Device Interactions Marius FehrIulia IonFS 12
B Optical Character Recognition on Mobile Phones Luc HumairChristian Floerkemeier,
Gábor Sörös
FS 12
B Application Kernels for Smart Home Environments Gianluca VinzensMatthias KovatschFS 12
B Creating Briefings from Heterogeneous Sources (I) Raffael BuffSimon MayerFS 12
M PowerPedia 2.0 - A Collaborative Web Application for Electrical Appliances Joana WeltiMarkus Weiss,
Christian Beckel
HS 11
L Security in the Smart Energy Grid Raphael ThalwilIulia IonHS 11
L Integrating Submeters to Individually Monitor Appliances Manuel KläyMarkus Weiss,
Christian Beckel
HS 11
B Actinium: An App Server for the Smart Home Martin LanterMatthias KovatschHS 11
B The Networked Alarm Clock David IttenMatthias KovatschHS 11
M Alltagsgegenstände an das Web anbinden / Connecting everyday objects to the Web Andreas BörnertBenedikt OstermaierFS 11
M Sharing Control Interfaces for Smart Environments Jacob Bjurströmer WalserIulia IonFS 11
M Engagement Strategies to Foster User Involvement in Energy Conservation Sandro AntoniolMarkus WeissFS 11
M A Computational Marketplace for the Web of Things David KaramSimon MayerFS 11
L Californium: A CoAP Framework in Java Dominique Im Obersteg,
Daniel Pauli
Matthias KovatschFS 11
L Prototyping Smart Appliances Christof Baumann,
Nico Eigenmann
Matthias KovatschFS 11
B Upgrading AutoWoT Claude BarthelsSimon MayerFS 11
B Adaptive User Interfaces for Smart Things Andreas TschofenSimon MayerFS 11
L Augmented Knight's Castle Ueli Ehrbar,
Stefan Jucker
Alexander BernauerHS 10
L Embedded Electricity Metering - A restful embedded smart meter gateway David AbdurachmanovMarkus WeissHS 10
M Towards a PowerPedia Adrian MerkleMarkus WeissFS 10
L Mit IPv6 die physikalische Welt erreichen
IPv6 Connectivity to the Physical World
Andreas Börrnert,
Dominik Menzi
Matthias KovatschFS 10
L Social Smart Meter Ozan Kaya,
Burak Kalayb
Markus WeissFS 10
B eMeter - Engagement strategies - getting users involved Fabian AggelerMarkus WeissFS 10
B ETH - Energy Dashboard Marc GschwendMarkus WeissFS 10
S Building an Eco-System of Embedded Devices for the Web of Things Yuan PengDominique Guinard,
Vlad Trifa
HS 09
M A Smart Gateway Infrastructure for the Web of Things Simon MayerDominique Guinard,
Vlad Trifa
HS 09
M Mobile Discovery in a Web of Things S. HongDominique GuinardHS 09
M Twitter for real-world objects Oliver SennVlad TrifaHS 09
M Crowdsourcing location information to improve indoor localization Luba RogolevaPhilipp BolligerHS 09
M Building a RESTful Internet of Things (EPCIS) Mathias MuellerDominique Guinard,
Christof Roduner
HS 09
M Physical and Mobile Mashups for the Web of Things Rita Azucena Guillen AguilarDominique GuinardHS 09
M Smart Energy Detection Adrian HelfensteinMarkus WeissHS 09
L Fosstrak Extensions: Visualization and Mobile Client Rene Buffat,
Philip Tschiemer
Christof RodunerHS 09
S Social Sharing in the Web of Things Mathias FischerDominique GuinardFS 09
S Entwicklung einer Sensor-Anwendung für Mobiltelefone (Sensing with Mobile Phones) Adrian HelfensteinBenedikt OstermaierFS 09
S Smart Meter - TV Client Ganesh RamanathanMarkus WeissFS 09
S Prototyping a RESTPhone Moritz HartmeierBenedikt OstermaierFS 09
P Koubachi Coribas design Thomas FahrniMoritz KöhlerFS 09
M Web-oriented Infrastructure for Monitoring and Service Interaction for Augmented Environments Vlatko DavidovskiVlad TrifaFS 09
M Interacting with the Internet of Things Ueli EtterChristof RodunerFS 09
M Prototyping the Web of Things Fabian SchlupBenedikt OstermaierFS 09
L Digital Augmentation of "Settlers of Catan" Simon MayerSteve HinskeFS 09
L Koubachi - iPhone Client Mike Godenzi, Gilad GeronPhilipp Bolliger,
Moritz Köhler
FS 09
L Koubachi - Sensornode Deployment Tobias RickliMoritz Köhler,
Philipp Bolliger
FS 09
B Personalized Energy Measurements Wolf RödigerMarkus WeissFS 09
B Redpin - Next Generation Server Pascal BroglePhilipp BolligerFS 09
B Redpin - iPhone Client Pascal BroglePhilipp BolligerFS 09
S Test-Robot for Mobile Phone Cameras Dessovic RaoulRobert AdelmannHS 08
P Exchange Student Junyan MaKay RömerHS 08
M Analyse von Bluetoothmessungen zur Bestimmung der Gruppendynamik an öffentlichen Orten David DegenBenedikt OstermaierHS 08
M Implementation and Evaluation of a Secure Device Pairing Protocol Lukas HuserIulia Ion,
Marc Langheinrich,
Patrick Schaller
HS 08
M Semantic Web for enhanced autonomy in sensor networks Michael HänniVlad TrifaHS 08
M Web Service enabled gateway for low-power mobile devices Andreas KamilarisVlad TrifaHS 08
M WOPALO - Creating a Web of Places and Locations Robert WeiserBenedikt Ostermaier,
Philipp Bolliger
HS 08
M Towards RESTful embedded devices - loosely coupled sensing devices to face real-world challenges Samuel WielandVlad TrifaHS 08
L Augmented Role-Playing Game Bernhard Buss,
Janick Bernet
Steve HinskeHS 08
S Remote Programming of Wireless Sensor Networks Sebastian GrösslSilvia SantiniFS 08
M A Simulator for Smart Real World Services Angelo RosenfelderMoritz KöhlerFS 08
M Using Bluetooth as Context for Public Displays JeLan OngMarc Langheinrich,
Corsin Decurtin
FS 08
M Adaptive Model Selection Library for TinyOS Philipp KüderliSilvia SantiniFS 08
M Passive Distributed Assertions Philippe Jacot-GuillarmodKay RömerFS 08
M Wo tanzt der Bär? Analyse des Verhaltens von Menschenmengen mittels Mobiltelefonen Beatrice MeierBenedikt OstermaierFS 08
M Management Infrastructure for Augmented Toy Environments Raffael BachmannSteve HinskeFS 08
M Integration of Mobile Phones into Smart Environments for Education and Entertainment Roger SeidelSteve HinskeFS 08
M Evaluating Protocols for Secure Device Pairing Yves GeissbuehlerMarc Langheinrich,
Iulia Ion,
Patrick Schaller
FS 08
M i-ITEM - infrastructure of item level energy Yuna RohMoritz KöhlerFS 08
M Digitale Erweiterung eines Brettspiels Thomas LohmüllerSteve HinskeFS 08
L Infrastruktur für Lerninhalte für smarte Spielumgebungen Janick Bernet,
Michi Schaer
Steve HinskeFS 08
L Messaging in Public Display Systems Fabian Schlup,
Ramon Schwammberger
Marc Langheinrich,
Nigel Davies
FS 08
L Fosstrak Open Source Project: Interactive Client for RFID Readers Ueli Etter,
Samuel Wieland,
Haoning Zhang
Christian Floerkemeier,
Christof Roduner
FS 08
D The BTDisplay - A Media Space for Informal Encounters Danilo BuloncelliMarc LangheinrichFS 08
S MOSE - Mobile Objects Simulation Environment Philipp KüderliPhilipp BolligerWS 07/08
S Koubachi - Widget zur Überwachung von Zimmerpflanzen Danilo BuloncelliPhilipp Bolliger,
Benedikt Ostermaier
WS 07/08
M Ranking Sensors with Prediction Models Maryam ElahiKay RömerWS 07/08
M Supply Chain Visualizer Andrea GrössbauerAlexander Ilic,
Matthias Lampe
WS 07/08
M Towards the Sensor Web: A Framework for Sensor Data Acquisition, Storage and Visualization Daniel RauchSilvia SantiniWS 07/08
L LoCoBo - A Webinterface for Location-Aware Objects Animesh Trivedi,
Luba Rogoleva
Philipp BolligerWS 07/08
L SIPS - Open Source Simple Indoor Positioning System Davide Spena,
Simon Tobler,
Diego Browarnik,
Andreas Kamilaris
Philipp BolligerWS 07/08
S Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) Client for Accada Basil GasserMatthias Lampe,
Christian Floerkemeier
SS 07
S Active RFID/Sensor Construction Kit Andreas MalärMatthias LampeSS 07
S EPC Infrastructure - Accada Filtering and Collection / ALE 1.1 Samuel WielandMatthias Lampe,
Christof Roduner,
Christian Floerkemeier
SS 07
S Koubachi - Überwachung von Zimmerpflanzen mittels Sensorknoten Christoph BäniPhilipp Bolliger,
Benedikt Ostermaier
SS 07
P Smart Toys Development Yann Hendrikx,
Christian Jaeger
Matthias LampeSS 07
M Smart Environment Visualization and Interaction Alex SuciuRobert AdelmannSS 07
M Universal Browser and Interaction Service Marc BühlerChristof RodunerSS 07
M NFC-enabled Devices Julien FalcoMatthias Lampe,
Steve Hinske
SS 07
M Entwicklung einer Lernumgebung im Rahmen des Projekts InfoTraffic Anna-Nina SimonettoRuedi ArnoldSS 07
M NFC cell phone Julien FalcoSteve HinskeSS 07
M Configuration and Management of Smart Spaces Patrick GrothSteve HinskeSS 07
M Personal Data Management in a Service Infrastructure for Smart Products Marco SteybeChristof RodunerSS 07
M EPC Network - Reader Protocol (RP) and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) Jonas HallerMatthias LampeSS 07
L Smart Notifier Vlatko DavidovskiBenedikt OstermaierSS 07
L EPC Network Supply Chain Demonstrator Angelo Rosenfelder,
Michael Hänni,
Thomas Lohmüller
Matthias Lampe,
Christof Roduner,
Christian Floerkemeier
SS 07
L Improving Augmented Dice Yves AlterSteve HinskeSS 07
L Object Monitoring System Robert Weiser,
Philippe Jacot
Matthias LampeSS 07
D Location Sensing using Wireless Sensor Networks Max Cornelius MeisterhansMoritz KöhlerSS 07
S PDA Configuration Tool for Augmented Toy Environments Thomas BrudererSteve HinskeHS 07
S Improving the AKC Raffael BachmannSteve HinskeHS 07
S "Mobile Phone Blogger", oder was sieht mein Natel? Angelo RosenfelderMoritz KöhlerHS 07
S Effizienter Firmware-Update in Sensornetzen Ronney MeierJonas Wolf,
Matthias Ringwald
HS 07
L Koubachi - Realisierung und Test von Prototypen Yuna Roh,
Andreas Keller
Benedikt Ostermaier,
Philipp Bolliger
HS 07
S Time Synchronization in a BTnode-Network Yin QinMatthias Ringwald,
Kay Römer
WS 06/07
S Java based Test Environment for Image Recognition Algorithms Freiermuth KarinRobert AdelmannWS 06/07
P Data Mining in Sensor Networks Christian RennerKay RömerWS 06/07
M Entwicklung eines Matching Learning Environments unter Einbezug von Text, Bild und Ton Markus SauterRuedi ArnoldWS 06/07
M Interacting with Appliances using Mobile Phones Beat SchwarzentrubChristof RodunerWS 06/07
M RFID Monitoring System Oliver ZweifelChristian Floerkemeier,
Matthias Lampe
WS 06/07
M Tool support for managing smart spaces based on the example of augmented toy environments Betttina PolasekMatthias Lampe,
Steve Hinske
WS 06/07
M Interactive learning experiences in smart spaces based on the example of augmented toy environments Dejan PilavMatthias Lampe,
Steve Hinske
WS 06/07
M Infrastructure Support for Providing Smart-Object Services to End-User Urs BreuChristof RodunerWS 06/07
L Accada EPCIS Module Andrea Grössbauer,
Marco Steybe
Christof RodunerWS 06/07
S Determining Position and Orientation of Smart Objects with RFID Technology Raffael BachmannSteve HinskeSS 06
S Lernumgebung InfoTraffic - Implementierung eines Parsers und Evaluators für aussagenlogische Formeln Marc BühlerRuedi ArnoldSS 06
S Augmented Photoalbum Implementation for Cell-phone Michele CrociMatthias LampeSS 06
S Spatial Selection Using Mobile Phones Breu UrsRobert AdelmannSS 06
S Information Gathering Ziroli PlutschowRobert AdelmannSS 06
S Erkennungsratenoptimierung beim Smart Card Game Jonas HallerChristian FloerkemeierSS 06
S Lernumgebung QueueTraffic - Unterrichtsmaterialien und allgemeine Evaluationskriterien für Lernsoftware in der Informatik Anna-Nina SimonettoRuedi ArnoldSS 06
S Augmented Dice Adrian SchuepbachSteve HinskeSS 06
S Implementation und Test eines Ad-hoc-Routingprotokolls für das Chipcon-Interface der BTnodes Florian SchützBenedikt OstermaierSS 06
M Inspektion von Sensornetzen Marc CortesiMatthias RingwaldSS 06
M P2P Video Streaming Sebastian GruberMarc LangheinrichSS 06
M A Platform for Publishing EPC-related Information and Services Sandro OlibetChristof RodunerSS 06
M Collaboration in dynamic groups based on personalized, location-aware data Michael BürgeRobert AdelmannSS 06
M Interacting with Appliances using Mobile Phones Ilario MusioChristof RodunerSS 06
M EPC Network - Reader Protocol and Application Level Events Raymund EgliMatthias Lampe,
Christian Floerkemeier,
Christof Roduner
SS 06
M SDRI-Privacy: Privatsphäre in hochverteilten RFID-Umgebungen Remo MartiMarc LangheinrichSS 06
M Computing Platform for RFID Enabled Smart Products Philippe BourquinChristian FloerkemeierSS 06
M A Platform for Publishing EPC-related Information and Services Markus VitaliniChristof RodunerSS 06
L EPC Infrastructure / EPCIS Alain Remund,
Arthur van Dorp
Christof RodunerSS 06
L WorldWindow Augmented Reality System Steven Fluck,
Jonas Haller
Robert AdelmannSS 06
L Implementation of an NFC-based Anti-Counterfeiting Demonstrator using the EPC Network infrastructure Tina Körner,
Anna-Nina Simonetto
Christof RodunerSS 06
S Lernumgebung InfoTraffic - Vereinfachung von aussagelogischen Formeln Hasan KarahanRuedi ArnoldWS 05/06
S EPC Infrastructure / EPC Information Services David GublerChristof Roduner,
Christian Floerkemeier,
Matthias Lampe
WS 05/06
S EPC Infrastructure / Reader Protocol Andreas FürerChristian Floerkemeier,
Matthias Lampe,
Christof Roduner
WS 05/06
S EPC Infrastructure / Application Level Events Henrique SäuberliChristof Roduner,
Christian Floerkemeier,
Matthias Lampe
WS 05/06
S Lokalisierung von Gegenständen mit UWB Steven Fluck,
Georg Schaetti
Silvia Santini,
Robert Adelmann
WS 05/06
S EPC Infrastructure / Reader Protocol Markus VitaliniMatthias Lampe,
Christof Roduner,
Christian Floerkemeier
WS 05/06
S Mobile Barcode Bettina PolasekRobert AdelmannWS 05/06
S Augmented Toys Massimo MeisterhansMatthias LampeWS 05/06
S Lernumgebung InfoTraffic - Datenstruktur zur Visualisierung von Strassenkreuzungen Xiaoping YinRuedi ArnoldWS 05/06
S Augmented Toys Peter WyssMatthias LampeWS 05/06
S Erweiterungen zur RFID-Infrastruktur / OMS Marcel MeiliMatthias LampeWS 05/06
S CardCube: An intuitive interaction device for table games Alex Suciu,
Patrick Groth
Marc LangheinrichWS 05/06
S Bestimmung der Bewegung von Fahrzeugen mit Hilfe einer hochverteilten RFID-Tag Infrastruktur Thomas ZweifelJürgen BohnWS 05/06
S Augmented Toys Sandra BrockmannMatthias LampeWS 05/06
S Einsatzmöglichkeiten von RFID zur Erhöhung der Fälschungssicherheit physischer Produkte Patrick FriggChristof RodunerWS 05/06
P SiROP-Projekt - High-level Infrastructure Support for Auto-ID Applications (Aspekt Sensorik) Andreas MalärMatthias LampeWS 05/06
M Smart Object Services for Consumers Patrick FriggChristof RodunerWS 05/06
M Implementierung und Evaluation eines neuen Medienzugriffsverfahren für Sensornetze Michael KaufmannMatthias RingwaldWS 05/06
M Ortsbasierte Datenfragmentation in hochverteilten RFID Umgebungen Lukas StuckiMarc LangheinrichWS 05/06
M Lernumgebung InfoTraffic - Prototyp Warteschlangentheorie Nicolas BornRuedi ArnoldWS 05/06
M SmartMOM: Smart mobile object management Matthias SalaMarc LangheinrichWS 05/06
L MoMo: a Mobile Mote for Prototyping Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Marco FeriencikSilvia SantiniWS 05/06
L Association services for the ubiquitous gateway Gabor CselleChristian FrankWS 05/06
D Generischer mobiler Datenkanal für eine Business Application Platform Gregor BaettigMarc LangheinrichWS 05/06
S Augmented Photoalbum Implementation for Cell-phone/PDA Roger KellerMatthias LampeSS 05
S Event generation and filtering layer for our RFID middleware Adrian ListyoChristian FloerkemeierSS 05
S Elementarer Verbindungstyp für Visual Instantiation Toolkit Andreas PfenningerMatthias LampeSS 05
S Auto-ID/RFID Visual Application Designer Caroline BoersingMatthias LampeSS 05
S Auto-ID/RFID Application Generator & Deployement Infrastructure Dejan PilavMatthias LampeSS 05
S Smart-Its Friends: Intuitives Smart-Object Management Thierry Buecheler,
Lukas Oertle
Silvia Santini,
Christian Frank,
Marc Langheinrich
SS 05
S Inspektion von Sensornetzen per PDA Mustafa YuecelMatthias RingwaldSS 05
S Erweiterung des Visual Code Systems für Mobiltelefone auf Pocket PC Phone Edition Sandro OlibetChristof RodunerSS 05
S RFID Stack - Aggregation, Interpretation and Event Layer Patrice OehenMatthias LampeSS 05
S Mobile Phone GUI for RFID card game Sacha BaeblerChristian FloerkemeierSS 05
S Infrastruktur zum Management von E-Vouchers David FuchsChristof RodunerSS 05
S LuxTraceRT: A Self-Calibrating Real-Time Positioning System using Solar Cells as Main Sensory Input Martin BurriJürgen BohnSS 05
M Intrusion Detection and Failure Recovery in Sensor Networks Mario StrasserHarald VogtSS 05
M Multipfad-Protokolle zur sicheren Kommunikation in Ad-Hoc und Sensornetzen Claudio MunariHarald VogtSS 05
M Query Services for the Sensor Internet Philipp BolligerChristian Frank,
Christof Roduner
SS 05
L Sensorbasierte Anwendungen mit BTnodes III Ronney Meier,
Dejan Pilav
Marc Langheinrich,
Harald Vogt
SS 05
L Sensorbasierte Anwendungen mit BTnodes I Ilario Musio,
Bettina Polasek
Marc Langheinrich,
Harald Vogt
SS 05
L Sensorbasierte Anwendungen mit BTnodes II Henrique Sauberli,
Marc Bühler
Marc Langheinrich,
Harald Vogt
SS 05
L Der smarte Kleiderberater Florian Milde,
Massimo Meisterhans,
Oliver Zweifel
Harald Vogt,
Marc Langheinrich
SS 05
L Verteilte RFID-Infrastruktur Lukas Blunschi,
Marcel Bihr,
Anna Wojtas
Matthias LampeSS 05
L Synchronisation mit portablen Medien Urs Breu,
Bruno Ziswiler
Matthias Ringwald,
Harald Vogt
SS 05
L Sensorbasierte Anwendungen mit BTnodes IV Beat Schwarzentrub,
Raffael Bachmann
Marc Langheinrich,
Harald Vogt
SS 05
D Profilbasiertes Ortsmodell für Mobile Dienste Sandra RoostChristian Frank,
Christof Roduner
SS 05
S Augmented Collectors Box Oliver ZweifelMatthias LampeWS 04/05
S Marker-basierte Interaktion mit Augmented Board Games Nicolas BornMichael RohsWS 04/05
S Smartes Kartenspiel mit automatischer Spielstandsanzeige Beat SchwarzentrubChristian FloerkemeierWS 04/05
S Schlüsselvereinbarung in Sensornetzen Patrick Moor,
Mario Strasser
Harald VogtWS 04/05
S Auto-ID Infrastructure Administration Tool Roman MetzMatthias LampeWS 04/05
S PhotoWall: Interaktion mit Fotos auf Wanddisplays Marcel BeerMichael RohsWS 04/05
S Simulation und Visualisierung eines sicheren Kommunikationsprotokolls Claudio MunariHarald VogtWS 04/05
S Assoziierung mobiler Geräte mit Visual Codes Patrick JayetMichael RohsWS 04/05
S Portierung eines Visual Code Systems für Mobiltelefone von Symbian nach Java Manuel GraberMichael RohsWS 04/05
S Auto-ID Infrastructure Visual Instantiation Tool Sebastian GruberMatthias LampeWS 04/05
S Portierung eines Visual Code Systems für Mobiltelefone auf Pocket PC Phone Edition Kaspar BaltzerChristof Roduner,
Michael Rohs
WS 04/05
S Multi-User Augmented Photoalbum Nicole HattMatthias LampeWS 04/05
S Portierung von Kernkomponenten eines existierenden Java-basierten Positionierungssystems auf einen PDA (HP iPAQ, PocketPC 2002) René GallatiJürgen BohnWS 04/05
S iPOS: Ein adaptives System zur Selbst-Positionierung von mobilen ressourcenbeschränkten Geräten Marco Feriencik,
Matthias Leumann
Jürgen BohnWS 04/05
S Smart Playing Card Remo EgliSvetlana DomnitchevaWS 04/05
P SiROP-Projekt - High-level Infrastructure Support for Auto-ID Applications (Aspekt Sensorik) Mustafa YücelMatthias LampeWS 04/05
P SiROP-Projekt - High-level Infrastructure Support for Auto-ID Applications (Aspekt Industrie-Szenarien) Peter GallaszMatthias LampeWS 04/05
P SiROP-Projekt - High-level Infrastructure Support for Auto-ID Applications (Aspekt Verteiltheit) Lukas BlunschiMatthias LampeWS 04/05
M Weiterentwicklung eines Systems zur automatischen Konfiguration drahtloser Sensornetze André BayerChristian FrankWS 04/05
D Mehrfachzugriffsverfahren für RFID-Systeme Matthias WilleChristian FloerkemeierWS 04/05
D Nachverfolgung und Positionierung von Fahrzeugen in Gebieten mit dicht verteilten RFID-Tags Nicola OprechtJürgen BohnWS 04/05
D Automatische Konfiguration drahtloser Sensornetze Oliver BieriChristian Frank,
Kay Römer
WS 04/05
D Smarte Produktverpackungen Jean-Daniel MerkliMichael RohsWS 04/05
S BTnode WebServer Mathias PayerMatthias RingwaldSS 04
S Smartes Memory-Spiel Erich LaubeMichael RohsSS 04
S Bestimmung der Position eines Lego-Mindstorm-Modellfahrzeuges in einem Testgelände mit zufälliger RFID-Tag-Verteilung Marco BärJürgen BohnSS 04
S Mobile Phone Based Remote Control for the Smart Vacuum Cleaner Michael BürgeSvetlana DomnitchevaSS 04
S Attentive Cleaning Robot Markus SauterSvetlana DomnitchevaSS 04
S Erweiterung des Welterklärers um einen smarten Blindenstock Michael DullerVlad CoroamaSS 04
S MP3 enabled BTnode Luc BurdetHarald VogtSS 04
S Augenblickliche Personalisierung und vorübergehende Nutzung von mobilen Benutzergeräten Lukas StuckiJürgen BohnSS 04
S Sichere Rekonstruktion von RFID-getaggten Dokumenten Emmanuel PythonJürgen BohnSS 04
P Sensor Capabilities for Auto-ID Infrastructure Stefan ThurnherrMatthias LampeSS 04
P NCCR-Internship BTnode Development Ankur AgiwalMatthias RingwaldSS 04
M Dynamische Autoversicherungen und -steuer Christoph PlüssVlad CoroamaSS 04
M Robuste selbst-organisierende Dienste durch hochredundanten Einsatz von RFID-Tags Vito PirainoJürgen BohnSS 04
M Ad-Hoc Facilities Management Ong Kien HungSvetlana Domnitcheva,
Thomas Schoch
SS 04
D Zuverlässige Patientenüberwachung in einer Ubiquitous-Computing-Umgebung Christian GegenschatzJürgen BohnSS 04
D Objektauswahl und Formularerfassung mit Hilfe eines Visual-Code-Systems für Kamera-Mobiltelefone Philipp ZweifelMichael RohsSS 04
D Addressing Uncertainty in RFID using Dynamic Bayesian Networks Patrick LeutholdtChristian FloerkemeierSS 04
S Einbindung von RFID-Tags in eine existierende Welterklärer-Infrastruktur Christoph PluessVlad CoroamaWS 03/04
S Erweiterung und Evaluierung eines Positionierungsdienstes Danat Pomeranets und Stephan SchneiderJürgen BohnWS 03/04
S Chained Downloading Markus BrändliHarald VogtWS 03/04
S Peer-to-Peer-Radio mit Erkennung von Freeloadern Michael KaufmannHarald VogtWS 03/04
S Augmented Photo Album Ilario MusioMatthias LampeWS 03/04
S Simulation mobiler Ad-hoc-Netze mit Hilfe autonomer Lego Mindstorms Roboter Nicolas BurriMatthias RingwaldWS 03/04
S Erweiterung eines bestehenden probabilistischen Positionierungsdienstes um einen kartenbasierten Mechanismus zur Positionsvorhersage Simon SchlachterJürgen BohnWS 03/04
S Smarter RFID-basierter Puzzle-Assistent Nicola OprechtJürgen BohnWS 03/04
P Recognition of 2-Dimensional Visual Codes with the Nokia 7650 Beat GfellerMichael RohsWS 03/04
M An RFID Privacy Platform Roland SchneiderChristian Floerkemeier,
Marc Langheinrich
WS 03/04
L Smart Vacuum Cleaner Julio Perez,
Matthias Sala
Svetlana DomnitchevaWS 03/04
D Zugriffskontrolle im Pervasive Computing Frank SeggingerHarald VogtWS 03/04
D Feature Diagram Editor Charly WilhelmMatthias Lampe,
Ondrej Rohlik
WS 03/04
D Graphical Instantiation Editor Florian HankeMatthias Lampe,
Vaclav Cechticky
WS 03/04
D Welterklärer für Sehbehinderte Felix RoethenbacherVlad CoroamaWS 03/04
D Entwicklung eines RFID Stacks Stefan SchlegelChristian Floerkemeier,
Matthias Lampe
WS 03/04
D Smoblets - Java-Code auf aktiven Tags zur Interaktion mit smarten Gegenständen Tobias KrauerFrank SiegemundWS 03/04
D Remote Jukebox Sven MüllerHarald VogtWS 03/04
D Ortsmodell und Infrastruktur für RFID-basierte Ortserkennung Dijana MicijevicMatthias Lampe,
Christian Floerkemeier
WS 03/04
D Fehlertolerante Dienstinfrastruktur durch Ausnutzung lokaler Redundanz in Ubiquitous-Computing-Umgebungen Thomas MazhuancherryJürgen BohnWS 03/04
D Design und Implementation von Privacy Beacons Marcel WassmerMarc LangheinrichWS 03/04
D Generierung von Kontextinformationen in Umgebungen kooperierender smarter Alltagsgegenstände Pascal KellerFrank SiegemundWS 03/04
S Java ISO-Controller für FEIG-RFID-Reader Simon KeelMatthias LampeSS 03
S Implementation eines Privacy-Datenbank Web Services Lorenz BertschiMarc LangheinrichSS 03
S Implementierung eines verteilten Tuplespace für Smart-Its unbekanntFrank SiegemundSS 03
S Mobilfunktelefone und iPAQs als Gateway in die Smart-Its Infrastruktur Marcel BöschFrank SiegemundSS 03
S Interaktion mit smarten Gegenständen via WAP Oliver DeakFrank SiegemundSS 03
P Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired People (Navigation Layer) Nicolas TissotVlad Coroama,
Jürgen Bohn
SS 03
L Skat Explorer Roland Schneider,
Patrick Leutholdt
Christian FloerkemeierSS 03
L Präsentationsplattform IFW D44 Patrick Frigg,
Michael Bürge,
Hermann Lehner
Matthias RingwaldSS 03
D SmartBox Software Framework Peter WidmerMatthias LampeSS 03
S Jini vs. Web Services - Ein Leistungsvergleich Tobias SchwägliThomas SchochWS 02/03
S Java Wrapper für den RFID ANSI NCITS 256-2001 Standard Peter WidmerMatthias LampeWS 02/03
S BTnode Dial-In-Kommunikation Daniel KaeppeliOliver KastenWS 02/03
D Simulation einer Sensor-Infrastruktur Markus HübscherJürgen Bohn,
Michael Rohs
WS 02/03
D Jini oder die Kunst den Flaschengeist sicher zu machen Reto VögeliThomas SchochWS 02/03
D Smart Things - Mit Web Services Dinge "schlau" machen Daniel SchaedlerThomas SchochWS 02/03
S A P3P Compliance Test Suite Nathalie KocherMarc LangheinrichSS 02
S Event-basierte Kommunikations-Infrastruktur für Smart Objects Pascal Lehmann,
Hermann Lehner
Oliver KastenSS 02
S Game of Whist with Smart Playing Cards: Feedback Program Martin HinzSvetlana DomnitchevaSS 02
D Implementierung des Bluetooth Protokoll Stacks für Smart-Its Urs BaerOliver KastenSS 02
D Smart Infrastructure - Dienste für eine Welt schlauer Gegenstände Marco SteinerThomas SchochSS 02
D Modeling the Spirit - Repräsentieren von Gegenständen in IT-Systemen Thomas EicherThomas SchochSS 02
D Bridging the Gap - Kommunikation von Gegenständen mit Repräsentationen Andreas WesthoffThomas SchochSS 02
D Heuristiken zur Positionsbestimmung in Gebäuden mittels Sensor-Fusion und 2D-Kartenmodell Christian SchärJürgen BohnSS 02
D Magnifying Glass Metaphor for the Interaction with Virtual Counterparts Sabine Do-ThuongMichael RohsSS 02
S Jini Dienstvermittlung und Bluetooth Service Discovery Protokoll Biörn BiörnstadMichael RohsWS 01/02
D CORBA GIOP über Bluetooth Wolfgang HabichtOliver Kasten,
Kay Römer
WS 01/02
S API Definition und Implementierung auf dem Smart-Its Prototyp Urs HardeggerOliver KastenSS 01
S Jini oder die Kunst den Flaschengeist sicher zu machen Daniel SchädlerThomas SchochSS 01
P Lokalisierung von WLAN-Benutzern im IFW-Gebäude Daniel SchädlerJürgen BohnSS 01
D Design und Implementation einer Privacy-Supportive Database Paul MiottiMarc LangheinrichSS 01
D Erweiterung von gedruckten Dokumenten um Online-Inhalte Nikolaos KaintantzisJürgen Bohn,
Michael Rohs
SS 01
D Persönliches Daten-Management durch Privacy-Contracts Mark StäheliMarc LangheinrichSS 01
D Design und Implementation eines APPEL Editors Phyrum TeaMarc LangheinrichSS 01
S Authentisierung mittels Java und Smartcards unter Linux Corsin DecurtinsHarald VogtWS 00/01
D Distributed Infrastructure for Event Generation & Dissemination in Ad Hoc Networks Thomas Moser,
Lukas Karrer
Oliver KastenWS 00/01
S Synchronisation von Ethernet Radiobasisstationen in einer IP-basierten lokalen DECT-Telefonanlage Stavros Maurice AntifakosSvetlana DomnitchevaSS 00
D Fehlertoleranz für die Jini Infrastruktur Andreas HiepeKay RömerSS 00
D Eine RFID-Infrastruktur für kontextsensitive Applikationen Jürg SennKay RömerSS 00
D Eine Infrastruktur und Repräsentation für virtuelle Proxies Thomas DübendorferKay RömerSS 00
ETH ZurichDistributed Systems Group
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