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Solfege Sign Recognition with a Wearable Camera (B)

Status: Abgeschlossen


Hand gestures are widely used in music education. The applied gesture set is well defined since the XIX. century and contains a small number of gestures only (see Kodály method). The task is to quickly and robustly recognize the set of solfege gestures with a wearable camera. The recognized gestures can then (1) control a music player application and/or (2) give feedback to the user in a teaching application. We imagine an application that shows part of a sheet of music, and the user has to practice the hand signs that reproduce that piece of music. The application recognizes the gestures and gives positive or negative audio or visual feedback.


  • Experience in Java and C++ necessary
  • You should have taken the courses Visual Computing and Distributed Systems
Student/Bearbeitet von: Julia Giger
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Gábor Sörös

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