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Open Metering (M)

Status: Abgeschlossen

Smart electricity meters are primarily used to report the aggregated household electricity consumption for billing and grid management purposes. This means the interesting data stays with the utility company. Recently, projects like have been working towards enabling the user to keep ownership of the data.


In this project, you will be working with a Flukso or similar OpenWRT device (e.g., a wireless router) to connect a conventional Smart-Meter to the Web. The goal is to provide the libraries to interface with the low-level IP-Protocol of the Smart Meter and to make the meter expose its data on the local network through a RESTful API.

In addition, you will be using OpenWRT to collect information on which devices are currently connected to the home network. Depending on the scope of this project (B/M/L), we hope to build algorithms that can more accurately measure occupancy in order to identify wasteful electricity consumption (e.g., devices left on while nobody is at home) or control a thermostat.


  • Programming experience (e.g., Lua, C, Bash)
  • Linux / Unix experience
  • Experience with OpenWRT a plus


Contact Wilhelm Kleiminger for more information on this project. If you are interested in energy-related topics in general and/or would like to propose your own project, feel free to contact Wilhelm Kleiminger or Christian Beckel via e-mail or stop by our office (CNB H 103.2).

Student/Bearbeitet von: Daniel Pauli
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Wilhelm Kleiminger

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