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Uncovering Device Whispers (L)

Status: Abgeschlossen

The Internet of Things and Web of Things projects are about interconnecting everyday objects and giving them the ability to communicate and cooperate within smart environments. In this context, the goal of this project was to non-intrusively monitor and visualize device communication. Specifically a sniffer application has been deployed on an off-the-shelf OpenWRT router which serves information about the data streams between smart things to an Android-based frontend. The frontend uses markers on the devices to render an augmented reality view for its user and visualize connections between devices.

Tools: Mainly Java, Android, Web programming for the Frontend and C++, OpenWRT for the Backend

Student/Bearbeitet von: Bram Scheidegger, Claude Barthels
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Simon Mayer, Christian Beckel, Gábor Sörös

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