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Smart Meters in the Field - A Sensor Framework for a Real World Deployment (L)

Status: Abgeschlossen


Information and Communication technology significantly contributes to a more efficient energy use in private households. Smart Meters, for instance, play a huge role as they measure energy consumption and report it to utility companies to intelligently plan and control the upcoming Smart Grid. Analyzing smart meter data can further provide valuable information about activities of occupants in their daily lifes, which in turn can be employed to motivate them for being more energy-efficient.

Collecting and analyzing sensor data from multiple households supports these smart meter services but also imposes challenges on the system architecture. For instance, massive amounts of data must be transferred, stored, pre-processed and analyzed efficiently. Also, preserving privacy plays a significant role in order not to endanger user acceptance, so the alternative of data being analyzed locally must be considered.


In a real world deployment with a utility company in Switzerland we will develop and deploy a system based on Wifi-enabled smart meters to evaluate novel smart meter services in multiple test households. The goal of the thesis or lab project is to design and implement specific components of our smart sensor data framework (client side, server side, mobile device), which forms the core of our real world deployment. For that you will work closely together with other students and researchers of our group.


  • Motivation to develop technology for the field!
  • Experience in software engineering (Java, C, scripting languages)
  • Knowledge in embedded systems or data analytics a plus


Contact Christian Beckel for more information on this project. The exact scope will be defined based on whether it will be a Bachelor thesis or a Master thesis - and on your personal preferences. If you are interested in energy-related topics in general feel free to contact Christian Beckel or Wilhelm Kleiminger via e-mail or stop by our office.

Student/Bearbeitet von: Sara Kilcher, Andreas Dröscher
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Christian Beckel, Wilhelm Kleiminger

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