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Smart Meter - TV Client (S)

Status: Abgeschlossen

Through the roll out of smart metering technolgy throughout Europe new information about energy consumption of households becomes available. Thereby, the smart meter acts as senor node acquiring, which acquires and loggs the data about the current energy consumption. The goal of this work, which is based upon one of our research projects within the Bits to Energy Lab, is to explore the possibilities of an interaction between the smart meter infrastructure and a set-top box that acts as a client.

The purpose is to build an application that uses the sensor information of a smart meter as input. The application should provide a suitable TV-based visualization that makes the information transparent to the consumer and thus allow to increase the consumer's consumption awareness.

Therefore, you should have fun inventing creative applications for linux based set-top boxes, prototyping them, and evaluating their usability as well as a sense for intuitive and stylish user interfaces.

Requirements: Knowledge in Linux, Java, HTML/XML or the willingness to quickly learn about the necessary technologies.

Student/Bearbeitet von: Ganesh Ramanathan
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Markus Weiss

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