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Efficient Data Storage & Retrieval of Electricity Consumption Data (B)

Status: Abgeschlossen


This student project is a part of our our ongoing project Innovative Services based on Smart Meters, in which we collaborate with two Swiss energy providers. Within the last year, we instrumented multiple test households with different sensors, measuring values such as the electricity consumption of each household, occupancy, or consumption of individual appliances. The underlying technology has been developed in previous student projects: "Smart meters in the field - A sensor framework for a real world deployment" and "Integrating submeters to individually monitor appliances".


In the context of the projects, we collect massive amounts of data in real time on our server. In total, this accounts for roughly 150MB of data per day, which must be stored, analyzed, and retrieved in real time. Our system relies on a MySQL database, which is easy to set up and interact with. However, to achieve scalability for future deployments, we are actively investigating NoSQL databases, which are based on key-value storage of data records.


The goal of this project is to realize a smart energy data storage system based on the data we collected (and are still collecting) in our test households. This contains the following steps:
  • Definition of a data model (i.e., definition of proper keys, granularities of data records, ...)
  • Selection of a proper database management system (e.g., Apache Cassandra)
  • Transfer of the data currently stored in our relational database
  • Performance tests of typical queries
The exact scope is defined depending it is a Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, or Lab project. Please let me know if you have questions regarding this project.

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