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Smart Energy

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Mattern, Dr. Silvia Santini
Distributed Systems Seminar FS2010

When and where:

Tuesday, 11:15h-13:00h, CAB H52

Start: 23.02.2010 / End: 01.06.2010


Recent wide-area power outages in both North America and Europe have not only outlined the vulnerability of the traditional power grid, but also demonstrated the increasing dependency of critical infrastructures like communication networks or transport systems on a reliable electricity supply. Today's availability of new technologies to produce, store, monitor, and distribute energy hence makes the fundamental re-engineering of the existing power grid both a desirable and feasible goal. As summarized by Silberman in 2001, ``every node in the power network of the future will be awake, responsive, adaptive, price-smart, eco-sensitive, real-time, flexible, humming -- and interconnected with everything else.'' These nodes will collectively constitute a new way of ``managing'' energy: a large and highly dynamic distributed energy supply system -- the ``smart grid''.

This seminar will investigate the main challenges for computer science related to the design and the implementation of such a smart power network. We will survey and analyze existing technical solutions for the smart grid and discuss related issues such as usability and privacy. The goal of the seminar is not only to familiarize students with an exciting new research topic, but to also teach basic scientific skills through oral presentations and a written report.

Preliminary meeting

Wednesday, December 16 2009, 14:15h-15:00h, IFW D42


For further information please contact Silvia Santini.


Please use the following Latex template for compiling your report.


# Date Topic Speaker(s) Slides Report Supervisor
  1.   23.02.2010 Kurzeinführung und Hinweise zu Seminarvorträgen F. Mattern, S. Santini Einfuehrung, Hinweise   -   S. Santini
  2.   02.03.2010 The new energy landscape: challenges and opportunities Remo Gisi pdf pdf S. Santini
  3.   09.03.2010 Towards a smart power grid Marc Bruggman pdf pdf S. Santini
  4.   16.03.2010 Smart metering: background and state of the art Moritz Hartmeier pdf pdf R. Adelmann
  5.   23.03.2010 Monitoring energy usage on device level: centralized solutions Marc Gschwend pdf pdf M. Weiss
  6.   30.03.2010 Monitoring energy usage on device level: distributed and hybrid solutions Fabian Aggeler pdf pdf M. Weiss
  06.04.2010 Osterferien        
  7.   13.04.2010 The Web on the meter: IPv6, REST, and other enabling technologies Christina Bricalli pdf pdf D. Guinard
  8.   20.04.2010 Distributed energy production: drivers, challenges, and opportunities Patrick Senti pdf pdf V. Trifa
  9.   27.04.2010 Security and privacy issues in the future power grid Raphael Tawil pdf pdf I. Ion
  10.   04.05.2010 Electric vehicles and their role in the energy network Fabian Dreier pdf pdf B. Ostermaier
  11.   11.05.2010 Sustainable mobility Silvio Pflugi pdf pdf P. Bolliger
  12.   18.05.2010 Smart buildings Dominik Blunschy pdf pdf M. Kovatsch
  13.   25.05.2010 The sustainability of ICT Nico Waldispühl pdf pdf C. Roduner
  14.   01.06.2010 Smart energy: summary and conclusions Peter Brandt pdf pdf S. Santini

Reports' submission and reviewing

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