Electric vehicles and their role in the energy network


Benedikt Ostermaier


May 4, 2010

Report due:

April 27, 2010 (First version)
May 18, 2010 (Camera ready version)


Penetration levels of electric vehicles (i.e., vehicles powered by batteries, fuel cells or hybrid systems) are expected to increase dramatically in the next few decades.

In the context of this talk, we will first introduce the main drivers behind the introduction of electric vehicles into the market and outline the challenges and opportunities related to their integration into the electricity grid. We will then report quantitative results showing how different charging policies and penetration degrees of electric vehicles can affect the voltage profiles and branch congestion levels of the electricity grid. Further, we will provide quantitative results showing under which constraints electric vehicles can be economically exploited as distributed generators and in particular used to stabilize the energy supply provided by renewable sources.

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