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Recognition of 2-Dimensional Visual Codes with the Nokia 7650 (P)

Status: Abgeschlossen

The idea of the project is to use the built-in camera of the Nokia 7650 mobile phone as a sensor for physical objects that are equipped with visual codes.

The Nokia 7650 mobile phone contains a built-in camera, is programmable in Java and C++ and runs the Symbian operating system. The goal of the project is to use the integrated camera for the recognition of 2-dimensional visual codes. Such visual codes can be attached to physical objects and facilitate their automatic recognition. The encoded IDs identify physical objects and can be used as a key to access object-related information and functionality.

The project covers the following aspects:

  • evaluation of camera capabilities
  • design of a 2-dimensional code that is
    • easy to recognize
    • robust / fault-tolerant
    • stores a maximum number of bits
  • design of an algorithm for code recognition
  • Java implementation of the algorithm on a PC (for easy evaluation)
  • C++ implementation on the device itself
  • sample application that uses code recognition ability

Student/Bearbeitet von: Beat Gfeller
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Michael Rohs

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