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Bluetooth Indoor Localization - Beacon Placement Strategies (B)

Status: Abgeschlossen


Nowadays, context aware applications are becoming more and more popular and it allows businesses to develop a line of products to target specific customers and needs. A few years ago, there were no localization systems until GPS became widely available. Since GPS cannot be used indoors other methods are needed for indoor localization. Having precise knowledge of people and objects inside a building is a prerequisite in many of today's applications.

There are multiple indoor localization techniques and most of these can be classified as infrastructure-based or infrastructure-less. While infrastructure-less systems rely only on the existing infrastructure (e.g. in-place WiFi network or the sensors available on smartphones), infrastructure-based systems require specific hardware like additional Access Points, Bluetooth beacons or sensors for visible light communication, which they rely on.

Goals and challenges

The purpose of this thesis is to explore the indoor localization method based on Bluetooth beacons. More specifically, we aim to understand the boundaries and limitations of the technology. This knowledge will be used to propose deployment strategies that fulfill specific application requirements.

Student/Bearbeitet von: Frederic Vogel
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Mihai B√Ęce, Leyna Sadamori

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