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Upgrading AutoWoT (B)

Status: Abgeschlossen

AutoWoT is a program that allows tech-savvy end-users and developers to rapidly and conveniently integrate Smart Devices into the Web of Things. To do this, users use AutoWoT's drag&drop interface to create a resource-oriented description of any smart thing that is to be 'Web-enabled'. AutoWoT then automatically creates web server software from that description that exposes the device's functionality on the Web and makes it accessible to millions of users. More information on the toolkit can be found here.

The aim of this project is to augment the software as it currently suffers from limitations regarding its user interface and expressiveness. While some of the key extensions that shall be implemented are already fixed (advanced graphical user interface, integration of security mechanisms, implementation of Jersey-based web server generation), the student may (and should! ;-) ) include and implement his/her own ideas.

Requirements & Learning Targets: In order to succeed with this project, familiarity with Java programming is a big plus. During the project, the student will be gathering experience in Web server programming as well as (basic) graphical user interface design.

If you would like to know more about the project, just drop me a line or come by at CNB H 103.2!

Student/Bearbeitet von: Claude Barthels
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Simon Mayer

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