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Building a RESTful Internet of Things (EPCIS) (M)

Status: Abgeschlossen

In the Internet of Things world, the EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Server) is the standard information server for RFID events. The EPCIS standard was mainly targeted towards "big enterprise applications". Thus, building applications on top of it as well as exploring the RFID events it contains is not trivial.

Following the trends of Web 2.0 Mashups, in this project we propose building a novel RESTful version of an EPCIS, that would enable RFID-based mashups. Such a solution would for instance enable people to browse RFID observations as they would browse web pages. Furthermore, it would enable client to query the EPCIS and subscribe to EPC events through simple Web requests on URLs and get the notifications in RSS feeds.

In this project you will design and develop a RESTful interface for the Fosstrak EPC Information Server (, an open-source implementation of the standard. Fosstrak was founded by ETH Zurich's Distributed Systems Group and, with the help of numerous of our students, has grown into today's most comprehensive open-source RFID platform that is compliant with the EPC Network.

Additionally, you will be asked to build a mobile prototype (iPhone, Android or Nokia) to demonstrate the use of this new interface.

Student/Bearbeitet von: Mathias Mueller
Contact/Ansprechpartner: Dominique Guinard, Christof Roduner

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