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Seminar zum Thema "Lokalisierung" SS2006

Lokalisierung in Autonomen Mobilen Systemen

Betreuer: Silvia Santini
Student: Bruno Hauser


An autonomous mobile system can be defined as a collection of devices, each of which endowed with computation, communication, sensing and locomotion capabilities. These systems, often addressed as multi-robot systems, are envisioned to be - and are in part already - applied in a variety of different scenarios, from hostile terrain exploration and mapping to emergency rescue operations.

In order to perform their required tasks, robots typically need to retrieve accurate information about their position and orientation. In multi-robot systems, where collaboration among single entities is required, additional information about the location of neighboring robots also need to be collected.

In this seminar talk, the challenging aspects related to the problem of autonomous positioning in multi-robot systems as well as some representative possible approaches to its solution will be presented and evaluated.


Slides: [PDF]


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