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Office Location

The Distributed Systems Group is situated at the ETH Zurich (Federal Institute of Technology) in Zurich, Switzerland. The group's offices are in the CNB building which is located north of the main ETH building in central Zurich. Our postal address is:
Distributed Systems Group
Institute for Pervasive Computing, CNB
Universitätstrasse 6
CH-8092 Zurich

We are on the H floor in the CNB building. You may either enter through the CAB building or take the alley right to the CAB and enter the CNB directly.

Click on the small map below to see a more detailed map of downtown Zurich and the CNB building location (or download the ETH campus map). A separate tram map shows the public transportation for the public transportation network in Zurich. The following describes detailed directions on how to get to the CNB building:

From Downtown Zurich to the CNB Building

Our offices (address: Universitätstrasse 6) are easily reachable from downtown Zurich (and from most hotels), either by walking upwards the hill (the so-called Zurichberg) for about 15 minutes or by taking a tram (streetcar) to ETH/Universitätsspital.

If you are in the mood for a short walk, cross the river Limmat using the Bahnhofsbrücke to get to the Central Square. From there you can take one of these suggested routes or ride the Polybahn which provides a shortcut to Tannenstrasse.

If the weather is not quite as nice and you forgot your umbrella at home, you might want to consider taking a tram to get here. Trams are very convenient to use in Zurich: tram lines 6 and 10 connect the CNB building (tram stop "ETH/Universitätsspital") to the downtown area in no more than 5 minutes. Typically, trams run every 7 minutes. The tram map below shows the tram stops in the downtown area. Take a tram running in the direction "Zoo" (line 6) or "Bahnhof Oerlikon / Flughafen" (line 10) depending on which line is closest to you. The direction is listed both on the sign at the tram stop and on the tram itself. You may change tram lines (or busses) at no extra cost.

Please make sure that you have a valid ticket before boarding the tram. Tickets can be bought at the ticket vending machine. If you already bought a ticket coming from the airport (see below), you do not need to buy an additional ticket. If you do not have a ticket yet, press the blue button and insert CHF 3.60. If you tram stop is five or fewer stops away from your destination, you can also buy a slightly cheaper short-distance ticket (called "Kurzstrecke"), by pressing the yellow button instead (for example, when coming from the main station, which is only three stops from the CNB building).

Tram Map Zurich (partial) Whichever tram line you take, make sure that you get off at the stop called ETH/Universitätsspital. The CNB building is located behind the large brick-lined CAB building with its archway and large courtyard.

From Zurich Airport to the CNB Building

The easiest and most comfortable way to the CNB building is to take a taxicab. Ask the driver to take you to the Universitätstrasse 6 near the ETH Zurich main building. This will cost you about CHF 40.- (taxicabs are fairly expensive in Zurich).

The least expensive way, costing CHF 6.00, is to take the tram towards Zurich Main Station (Hauptbahnhof). Exit at ETH/Universitätsspital which takes about 20 minutes without having to change the tram. Please make sure that you have a valid ticket before boarding the tram. Tickets can be bought at the ticket vending machine.

Alternatively, you can take the train. They leave every 15 to 20 minutes and take about 10 minutes to get you to Zürich Hauptbahnhof (HB). At the airport, simply follow the signs to the underground train station, which is located in the same building you arrived. Look for trains running to Zürich Hauptbahnhof or Zürich HB. Please make sure that you have a valid ticket before taking the last escalator down to the platform. Tickets can be bought at the ticket shop or at the ticket vending machine. Enter the code 8000 for downtown Zurich and insert Swiss coins or a CHF 20.- banknote (there are also machines that accept bank cards and most major credit cards!). The machine will dispense a ticket and (if necessary) your change. See below for a more detailed description of the ticketing machine.

Once you arrive at Zürich Hauptbahnhof, follow the description above (From Downtown Zurich...) to find the IFW Building (no need to buy another ticket if you want to take a tram). The closest tram stop is that of line 10, which starts right in front of track 1 ("Gleis 1"), running in the direction of Seebach or Bahnhof Oerlikon. Ticketing Machine

Ticket Vending Machine

To use the ticketing machine you need Swiss coins and/or CHF 20.- banknotes (not all machines accept banknotes).

Use the machine as follows:

  1. From Zurich airport: Enter the code 8000 (for Zurich)
    From most places downtown: Press the blue button.
    From Zurich main station: Press the yellow button labeled Kurzstrecke.
  2. The display shows the price for a 2nd class, one-way ticket, which is valid on trains, trams, busses, and ships, for a period of one hour (half an hour for a Kurzstrecke ticket).
  3. To switch between a one-way and return ticket, use the <-> button. A return ticket is valid for 24 hours and is also called a Tageskarte (day-pass). If you are planning to use public transportation more than once per day, this is the most convenient option!
  4. After you see a price displayed, insert the money using Swiss coins or -- on some machines -- a CHF 20,- banknote (no other notes are accepted). The machine will then drop the ticket and if necessary any change into the slot in the lower left corner.
Tickets are valid for the whole public transport network (using any means of transportation: trains, trams, busses, and ships) between the zone(s) encompassing the origin and the destination place. One-way tickets are valid for one hour (two if you come from Zurich Airport, half an hour if you have a Kurzstrecke ticket); return tickets are valid for 24 hours. The exact expiration time is also printed on the ticket.

If you are planning to use public transportation at least twice a day (for example for going to and coming from our offices), it already pays to buy a Tageskarte (day-pass), which is valid for 24 hours from the time you buy it. This way you can freely board any tram, bus or ship in the downtown area without stopping to buy a new ticket every time (just make sure that you have your day-pass ticket with you all the time). Simply press the <-> button after pressing the blue button (you can't buy a day-pass for short-distance tickets, however). See below for a more detailed description of the ticketing machine.

More Information

The Department of Computer Science offers alternative directions to each of its buildings on its Visitor Information page.

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