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About me

Since July 2019, I work at Nokia Bell Labs. I joined the Institute for Pervasive Computing at ETH Zurich as a research and teaching assistant in March 2011 and defended my doctoral thesis in May 2016. I continued part-time at ETH as a postdoctoral researcher until December 2020. Between 2019 and 2021, I was also an advisor of the ETH spin-off Arbrea Labs on body and face augmentation. Between 2016 and 2019, I worked as the lead engineer of the ETH spin-off Kapanu on building cutting-edge augmented reality for dentistry. From 2011 to 2015, I was the scientific advisor of the ETH spin-off Scandit on visual code scanning with mobile and wearable devices. In 2014, I completed an R&D internship in mobile computer vision and augmented reality at Qualcomm Research.

I studied electrical engineering in Budapest and in Karlsruhe with focus on communication systems, and visual computing in Vienna with focus on mobile augmented reality. During my undergraduate studies, I was working as a student assistant at the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Research interests

My research interests include mobile and wearable computer vision, human computer interaction, and augmented reality.

Ubiquitous augmented reality


Interaction with smart things


Visual codes


Mobile optical character recognition

  • Product recognition   [paper] 
  • Price label recognition
  • Credit card recognition
  • Business card recognition
  • Play card recognition

Other activities

06/2021: We gave a demo for the Hungarian AI Coalition, visitors including 4 ministers
04/2021: We gave a tutorial on Open AR Cloud at IEEE VR'21
02/2021: We gave a demo on human-robot interaction in augmented reality at Augmented Humans 2021
12/2020: Invited talk at TU Vienna on augmented reality
12/2019: Invited talk at TU Graz
10/2019: Oral presentation and two demos at ISMAR'19 in Beijing
09/2019: I gave three demos at the European Researchers' Night (STEM experiments for the general public) in Nokia Skypark
07/2019: I joined Nokia Bell Labs
06/2019: Invited talk at the Swiss Society for Virtual and Augmented Reality
11/2018: 3rd prize at ETH Entrepreneur Club startup pitching event 'From Science to Startup'
10/2018: Invited talk in the Art Museum of Liechtenstein at digitalTag, visitors including the prince of Liechtenstein
06/2018: Best poster award at the 16th ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys), Munich, Germany
03/2018: Invited talk at digital Liechtenstein workshop on augmented reality
08/2017: We are featured on TechCrunch and The Verge
06/2017: Our startup Kapanu AG got acquired by Ivoclar Vivadent AG
03/2017: We presented our AR technology at IDS 2017, a dental trade show with over 155.000 visitors from 157 countries
07/2016: We are building cutting-edge augmented reality for dentistry at Kapanu
05/2016: I successfully defended my PhD thesis
01/2016: I attended the Dagstuhl seminar 16042 on eyewear computing
10/2015: I presented our research to the President of ETH and the Vice President of Switzerland
03/2015: Our work on gesture recognition was nominated for the ETH Spark Award 2015 as one of the 20 most promising inventions
03/2015: I presented our research to the Rector and the President of ETH
10/2014: I completed a 4-months internship on mobile augmented reality at Qualcomm Research Vienna, Austria
09/2014: Our work is featured in ETH unterwegs
07/2014: Our work on gesture recognition won the Swisscom ICT Award 2014
10/2014: We are featured in Neue Zürcher Zeitung
09/2014: I was a student volunteer at the ECCV 2014 conference in Zurich
03/2014: I visited the Interactive 3D Technologies group at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
02/2014: I participated in the ETH - Disney Research Augmented Reality Games Hackathon in Zurich
09/2013: Our work is featured in ETH unterwegs
09/2013: I was local co-organizer of the Ubicomp 2013 and ISWC 2013 conferences in Zurich
06/2013: I attended the 4th UBI Summer School on Mobile Augmented Reality Interfaces in Oulu, Finland
05/2013: I presented my poster on next generation barcode scanning at the Swiss Vision Day 2013
10/2012: I was a student volunteer at the 3DIMPVT conference in Zurich
07/2012: I attended the International Computer Vision Summer School in Sicily
05/2012: I was a finalist in Mobile Visual Computing for the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship
07/2011: I attended the University of Zurich Summer School on Interaction, Visualization and Ubiquitous Computing
07/2011: I attended the Networked Embedded Systems Summer School in Bertinoro, Italy

I was a member of the program committee of ETRA'19

I was a reviewer of the following conferences:
Ubicomp'13, MUM'13, UIST'14, ISMAR'15, Ubicomp'15, ISWC'15, CHI'16, UIST'16, MobileHCI'16, Ubicomp'16, Ubicomp'17, ISMAR'17, ETRA'18, ISMAR'18, CHI'19, EPIC'19, ETRA'19, ISMAR'19, ISWC'19, ISS'19, SUI'19, Urb-IoT'19, VRST'19, CHI'20, Eurographics'20, MobileHCI'20, ISMAR'20, VRST'20, ISWC'20, CHI'21, IUI'21, MobileHCI'21, ISWC'21, ISMAR'21

I was a reviewer of the following journals:
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging
Elsevier Signal Processing: Image Communication
Elsevier Image and Vision Computing
Hindawi Advances in Human-Computer Interaction
SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging
ACM Interactive, Multimedia, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT)
Nature Scientific Reports


FS 2017: Informatics II for Electrical Engineers

FS 2016: Informatics II for Electrical Engineers

FS 2015: Informatics II for Electrical Engineers, Ubiquitous Computing and Ubiquitous Computing Seminar

FS 2014: Informatics II for Electrical Engineers, Seminar 'Smart Environments'

FS 2013: Informatics II for Electrical Engineers, Ubiquitous Computing and Seminar 'Interaction in Intelligent Environments'

HS 2012: Distributed Systems

FS 2012: Informatics II for Electrical Engineers and Ubiquitous Computing

HS 2011: Distributed Systems

FS 2011: Informatics II for Electrical Engineers

Student projects

I no longer supervise student theses at ETH, but I am always looking for talented interns for Nokia Bell Labs with background in both distributed systems and visual computing. Electrical engineers with experience in signal and image processing are also welcome.

Completed Projects

L Audio Style Transfer for Seamless Integration of Notifications into Music Tristan CinquinJing Yang,
Gábor Sörös
FS 20
L Inside-out Acoustic Head Tracking Using Imaginary Anchor Sources Felix PfreundtnerJing Yang,
Gábor Sörös
FS 19
M Spatial Audio for Human-Object Interactions Yves FrankJing Yang,
Gábor Sörös
FS 18
M User-centric rendering for handheld augmented reality Shiheng WangJing Yang,
Gábor Sörös
HS 17
L Facial Augmented Reality Andreas HessGábor SörösHS 16
L Gaze Estimation with Convolutional Neural Networks Andrey IhnatovMihai Bâce,
Gábor Sörös
HS 16
B Temporal Context in Human Pose Estimation Susanne KellerJie Song,
Gábor Sörös
HS 16
B Visible Light Communication for Smartglasses Pascal JosephyGábor Sörös,
Stefan Schmid
FS 16
B Gesture Recognition on Wearable Devices Sander StaalMihai Bâce,
Gábor Sörös
FS 16
B Solfege Sign Recognition with a Wearable Camera Julia GigerGábor SörösFS 16
M Online Gyroscope-Camera Autocalibration for Image Enhancement on Smartphones Luc HumairGábor SörösFS 15
L Image Processing on Mobile GPU Carlo BeltrameGábor SörösFS 15
B Image Processing on Mobile GPU Marc FischerGábor SörösFS 15
B Wearable Shopping Assistant Mauro GueriniGábor SörösFS 15
M Blur Removal from Document Images Stephan SemmlerGábor SörösHS 14
B Developing a Multi-Level Visual Code David ChettritGábor Sörös,
Leyna Sadamori
FS 14
B Smart Playing Cards with Smart Glasses Michael FranzGábor SörösFS 14
B Multiframe Blur Estimation using Inertial Measurement Sensors Severin MüngerGábor SörösFS 14
B Rapid Object Reconstruction for Product Augmented Reality Sandro LombardiGábor SörösFS 14
B A Biking Assistant on a Wearable Computer Andy ZimmermannGábor SörösHS 13
B Optical Character Recognition with a Head-Mounted Camera Thomas KnellGábor SörösFS 13
B A Magic Lens for Visualizing Device Interactions Markus SchalchSimon Mayer,
Gábor Sörös,
Marian George
FS 13
B Motion Blur Compensation using Inertial Measurement Sensors Carlo BeltrameGábor SörösFS 13
M Optical Character Recognition on Mobile Phones (in cooperation with MIT) Ekansh AnandChristian Floerkemeier,
Gábor Sörös
FS 12
L Automatic Topology Estimation in Wireless Lamp Networks Moritz Hoffmann,
Claudio Gargiulo
Gábor SörösFS 12
L Uncovering Device Whispers Bram Scheidegger,
Claude Barthels
Simon Mayer,
Christian Beckel,
Gábor Sörös
FS 12
B Optical Character Recognition on Mobile Phones Luc HumairChristian Floerkemeier,
Gábor Sörös
FS 12



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